Les productions écrites des élèves réalisées en classe

The movie was good and we could discover the reality in Memphis.
The inhabitants of Memphis, mainly the children and the teenagers, are educated in poor neighbourhoods.
The things I like the film is when the teachers learn to the students to live in community for not become racist.
We didn't like the movie because it was a documentary so it was boring .
It was difficult to read the subtitles in the same time we have to look at the movie .
It was fun to do a school trip with my friends.
We like it when the students dance and sing.
Ava Saint Martin Juliette Mancel Charlize Brochu


This school is situated in Memphis in Tennessee.

This neighbourhood is very dangerous. The students are Afro-American adolescents.

In this school, they sing soul music and dance after high school.

It’s to protest against racism and it’s free.

Océane and Valentin

Our opinion:
-We think the movie is interesting for people who love soul music.
-The movie is not so bad for people who get confronted to racism.
-The film is good for anybody who likes life lessons

Elias, Romain, Marlone



In Memphis , there are many music genres . The different genres of music in the city are rock n'roll , classic music , soul music , blues , jazz , drift phonk , gospel...

Rock'n'roll is played with 1 or 2 electric guitars.

Soul music is a popular music genre that originated in the African American community .

Drift Phonk is a genre of electronic music .

Gospel is a genre of christian music .

The Stax Records
was created in Memphis in 1958 . It is a recording and disc distribution company.

Manon D, Bastien, Noah

The lessons at the school:
The lessons at the school are about music and being self-confident.
They learn to write and copy the lyrics of song.
They sing and dance.
They speak about the worst racist insults
Oyana, Linsay


For us overall, we didn't like the film. Because it was a documentary and not a movie. We have the impression that the scenes are often the same. But we understood the fight against racism that the students lead. In this movie ,it is interesting to enter the life of the black
students. We see that the students aren't demoralized by their problems (racism, insults, poor city, dangerous city ).

Marlon, Lucas, Quentin

Memphis is in Tennessee in the South East of the USA.
It is not a safe city because it is dangerous and it is not a rich ( wealthy ) city but it is poor city.
In this city there are mainly black people.
Some neighbourhoods, quarters and districts are dangerous.
In Memphis, the music genres are soul, rap and rock.
There is a music school for poor students.
Its name is Stax Music Academy.
The river near Memphis is Mississippi.
The Chickasaw are an indigenous people of the southeastern Woodlands.
Elvis Presley was born in Mississippi and moved to Memphis later.

Manon N, Zoe, Shelsy

Our opinion on the film :

It's a really good movie but it is slow.

The music genres are very nice.

We can deduce that the director is trying to show the hard life of students in Memphis (poverty, criminality) but also their education in details.

We heard a lot of music, mainly with instruments.

Aloys Mateï Lubin Tilia


The music genres in Memphis are blues, rock and roll and jazz .

Rock is louder than blues and jazz because they are calm music.

We hear more blues and jazz than rock and roll .

The instrument for blues are saxophone, bass guitar and piano.

The instrument for the blues and jazz are the same.

The instrument for rock are drums, guitar, bass guitar and piano.

Elvis Presley was a guitar player, a musician, a singer and a dancer. The name of his house is Graceland.

His styles of music are rock, soul, R&B and folk.

Blues is a genre of vocal and instrumental music created byAfro-American people, it is about racial discrimination in the USA.